About LABA

The Latin American Business Alliance, Inc. (LABA) was founded on June 1, 2015 as a nonprofit business association after consultations with the community via two separate focus group sessions in May 2015 to vet the idea.

As a result, LABA’s goal was defined to be the bridge to unify the Hispanics/Latinos in the Greater Gainesville, FL area based on the pillars of commerce, community, and commitment.

According to the 2010 Census, it was noted that the City of Gainesville had a population of about 13,000 Hispanic/Latino residents and 800 Hispanic/Latino businesses.  Currently we know of no official record of those businesses, therefore please reach out to us so that we can include your business in our Latino Business Directory project underway.

LABA’s founder, Dwight L. Hulse, conceived the idea for the Latin American Business Alliance (LABA) after his arrival to Gainesville, FL in 2002. He identified a need for Hispanic/Latino businesses to be represented in a way similar to what he had seen from his foreign travels; US expatriates uniting across the globe under an AmCham-type organization.

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What We Do


Latin American Business Alliance Community Partners Gainesville Fl

Latin American Business Alliance Community Partners Gainesville Fl



We get to increase our network of friends and business associates through regular contacts. Our meetings are designed for you to make meaningful connections. We meet monthly for a professional development or social mixer normally the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Additionally, we have informal lunch meetups Fridays every two to three weeks.


LABA Executive Committee

LABA Executive Committee: Dwight L. Hulse, Arielina Camacho (past member), David Flores (past member), Yolanda Castillo-Baron (past member), Jorge Villalobos.



We are able to leverage partnerships and build on synergies by joining forces with other local organizations. Our success is reflected in the quality of the partners we collaborate with. On February 1, 2016, we started co-branding our events with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. Since inception, the Santa Fe Center for Innovation and Economic Development has supported us and granted us use of their facilities.


Latin American Business Alliance Meeting Gainesville Florida

Latin American Business Alliance Meeting Gainesville Florida


Community Engagment

We believe strongly in giving back to this Greater Gainesville, FL community that has so graciously embraced us to enrich its culture and life experiences. We facilitated an artistic group from Yopal, Casanare, Colombia cultural representation to the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and learned in the process that it could serve as a bridge to expand future international commerce.